Perfect Packers – Jeff Spence

Thank you for 14 years of invaluable service Kim!

We appreciate the prompt and professional service we receive from Perfect Touch, this has helped to make sure that our customers keep returning.

– Jeff Spence
– Perfect Packers
– Burlington, Ontario

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McWilliams Moving – Derri Knox

Thanks again for you excellent service.
You’re great!

– Derri Knox
– McWilliams Moving

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ThieCovery – Bonnie Valade

Hi Kim,
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased both Thie and I are with the chair.
It looks absolutely amazing. Great professional service as well.
Thank-you again!

– Bonnie Valade
– Office Manager for ThieConvery

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Alternate Choice – Elizabeth Saville

Kim always provides excellent professional service with a personal touch.
At Alternate Choice we are pleased with her touch –up service for the furniture we sell and are happy to recommend her refinishing services to our clients.

– Elizabeth Saville
– Alternate Choice
– New and Used Furniture

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